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Welcome to SeaSkills Maritime Academy institute

Information Technology has shrunk the world. The impact of the new technology has eroded the seafarer’s skills . Automation has made the bridge, being “monitored” rather than “being handled” It is a known fact that human error contributes to 75% of the maritime accidents. As the saying goes, ships are only as good as the persons who man them. Safety and efficiency of ships are dependent upon the skills, professional competence and dedication to duty of the seafarers on board. To achieve this, imparting bookish knowledge is not sufficient.

The skills of the Mariners need to be sharpened.The right approach, attitude and decision making skills need to be inculcated into the young minds. The innovative teaching methodologies, the memory retention techniques and the selfless dedication of the team at SeaSkills make us unique and learning a pleasure and memorable experience. The high passing percentage at the MMD examinations, the appreciation from the MMD surveyors, the Ship Owners and the Ship Managers makes us proud to say that,

Skills are not inborn.. We innovate and instill them... here at SeaSkills....