ARPA Course

Automatic Radar Plotting Aids Course

This course provides training in the basic theory & use of Radar for Officers in charge of a navigational watch. It is based on the standards of competency as per section A – II / 1 of STCW 1995.

Appendix M – II / 1C of META Manual Vol – 2 & IMO model course 1.07

A student successfully completing this course & meeting the required performance standards will recognize when radar should be in use will select a suitable mode & range setting for the circumstances will be able to set the controls for optimal performance & will be aware of the limitations of the equipment in detecting the targets & in terms of accuracy.

  • Duration 5 days

  • Reference Circular No 5 of 2004 Dated on 22.03.2004

  • Training towards ROC / ARPA Certification

  • Approvals DGS

  • Teaching methods Blended learning

  • Course Commencement Every Month

  • Deck cadets having minimum of 12 months sea service

  • CDC
  • Passport
  • Pre sea certificate
  • ROC certificate
  • CDC sailing pages with 12 months sea service
  • Master Checker
  • Photograph 4