The risk of attack from pirates and terrorists is a very factual one for shipssailing through international waters that are designated as high-risk areas.This course is preciselyplanned for crew who may come across a security or safety problem as they transit hostile surroundings and adverse circumstances.

It comprisesasummary to the background of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS), the roles of the company security officer (CSO) and ship security officer (SSO), security requirements and security administration. Thiscourse covers security drills, security trainings, crowd management practices, security protection and emergency readiness.

Learners will become expertise in:

  • Ship security assessments and audits
  • Making ship security plans
  • Ship and port facility security measures
  • Recognition of behavioural patterns of people likely to threaten security
  • Detection of arms
  • Testing and standardization of security equipment and systems.
  • Duration : 3 days
  • Reference : STCW circular No.1 of 2013 dated 19.01.2013
  • Training towards : SSO Certificat
  • Seafarer with minimum period of one 12 months sea serivice and likely to be designated as Ship safety officer

  • Passport
  • Photograph 2 No’s
  • CDC (Front page & Stamp pages)
  • 12 months Sea Service record
  • 2 Dose of Vaccination certificate / Result of RTPCR test

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